SIDE B // Bay Of Pigs

by Viva Mayday



This isn't about the 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion...It's about a dream where pigs take over the world and dump all human bodies, ironically, in La Bahia de Cochinos.


Hey now listen up
Lend me your ears, don't interrupt
Seen those with an upright nose?
I swear they're real, with suits to kill
They won't let me be
And they'll make you sing

Tell me all I wanna hear
When lies unfold, you strike with fear
A ruthless man, a ruthless plan
By the time your done, there'll be no one
They won't let ya be
And they'll make you sing

They'll hide all bodies down
By the Bay of Pigs x2

Now I don't mind keeping quiet
As the years multiply
But soon enough, we'll have enough
They'll be no more of this, no more
And they'll let ya be
No you won't have to sing

'Cuz they'll hide all bodies down
By the Bay of Pigs x2


released December 7, 2011
Recorded at Gian Stone's Home studio
Drums recorded at Newkirk Studios Brooklyn, NY
Mixed by Ben Rice

Jafe Paulino - lead vocals, guitars, handclaps
Gian stone - backing vocals, drums, bass, handclaps
Randy "S'natra" Vargas - additional backing vocals



all rights reserved


Viva Mayday New York, New York


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